From “Alassio lo Shopping dei Sogni” participation rules


From “Alassio lo Shopping dei Sogni” participation rules

This translation is intended to help non Italian participants.

The only legally binding text is the Italian one.

Participants will have to be able to exhibit one or more proofs of purchase totalling at least EUR.

100,00. The purchases of goods or services will have to be done in one single day exclusively at

the retailers who take part in this initiative, as mentioned in the official list. The shopping day will

have to occur from 7th December 2019 to 12.00 AM of 7th January 2020. Proofs of purchase need

not to belong to a single retailer as long as every retailer belongs to the official list.

The winner of the first prize will get a Coupon worth EUR. 10.000,00 issued by “Alassio un mare di

shopping” association. The coupon will be expendable in a single day to be agreed upon with the

association from 1st to 31st March 2020 at the same retailers taking part in this iniatiative. The

winner won't be able to spend more than EUR. 1.000,00 at each retailer.

The winner of the second prize will get a Coupon entitling them to a week-end for two people at

Gran Hotel Alassio on a date to be agreed upon with the hotel management.

The winners accept these rules and understand that they consent to the filming and distribution of a

promotional video and to appear in it without compensation. The video is meant to further promote

the activities of “Alassio un mare di shopping” association.

To participate, the shopper will have to:

fill in the participation card with all the data required. Failure to comply with this will exlude the

shopper from the draw.

All the required proofs of purchase will have to be pinned securely to the participation card which

will have to be folded following the dotted line. The participation card will have to be sealed

securely to prevent the loss of proofs of purchase.

Participants will also have to register online at or (QR code also

available). They will have to fill in all the required data.

A single registration is enough even when several partipation cards are presented.

Participation cards will have to be posted in the special box located in Piazza Matteotti.

Among all the participation cards and for both prizes one will be drawn beside four as backup.

The draw will take place in the presence of a Notary on 7th January 2020 at 03.00 PM in the

Palazzo Comunale, Piazza Libertà n° 3, 17021 Alassio (SV).

Winners, if absent, will be alerted by phone as well as by the Notary and will need to confirm their

data. They will need to meet the association members within 8 days from the draw. Failure to

comply will lead to the exclusion and forfeiture of the prize.

Taking part to the draw implies the treatment of the personal data of the participants by the

association members or third parts delegated to this for purposes of promotion and marketing for a

five-year time, according to EU Reg. n. 2016/679.

Full competion rules are available, in Italian, at or

I hereby consent to the treatment of my personal data for the purpose of taking part to the draw. I

also consent to receive promotional information and advertisments from “Alassio un mare di

shopping” association and its members as officially listed.

At any time I will be able to assert my rights as per art. 13 and ff of EU Reg. 2016/679 on personal

data treatment.


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